"When you call AES, you can be assured that your animal will be getting excellent ambulatory care from a knowledgable professional. I treat each patient like an individual, and I know that not all horses are the same. Rest assured that your animal or animals will receive the most cutting edge yet practical mobile care available in Aiken, South Carolina."

 ~Harvey Atherton, DVM, BS

* Equine Exam Fees
    -Brief exam$35
    -General physical exam $50
    -Lameness exam $75
            (Note most lameness exams average 30 minutes or more, flexion tests and hoof testers are typically employed on most lameness exams.

Food animal farm calls are $50 per 30 minutes.

Further diagnostics and or treatments after any exam are subject to additional charges.

* Emergency fee is $100

       An emergency fee would be warranted under the following circumstances:
                    *After normal business hours - 5pm to 7:30am
                    *A day time emergency that requires immediate medical attention
                    *An emergency is defined at the veterinarian's discretion 

 - Call for quotes on other services

Site under construction, prices subject to change!


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