Services     -   USDA accredited veterinarian

Atherton Equine Services:

     *General husbandry concerns

     *Podiatry consultations

     *Preventative medicine
             - Vaccines
             - Deworming
             - Colic prevention
             - Farrier
             - First Aid kits
             - Herbal therapies

     *Lameness exams
         -hand floating
         -special hanging dental
         -anesthesia and nerve

     *Pre-purchase exams
         -with or without
         -blood samples, drug

     *Nutrition consultations

     *Reproductive services

     *Large animal elective

     *Emergency care for
         large  animals

     *Digital Radiology, on site

        with instant copy on CD 

            of images taken.



     *Equine farm and

          boarding facility


     *CVI's (certificate of

           veterinary inspection)

     *Food animal farm calls average $50 per half hour, call for a quote.


We provide Rabies vaccination, as well as distemper/parvo (DHLPP) vaccines for farm dogs.

We provide farm cat rabies vaccinations as well.

*A.E.S. provides only preventative medicine to small animals, such as vaccinations and de-worming of farm dogs and cats.


A.E.S. strives to provide the most up to date, effective and cost efficient treatments to  our patients.

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